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Advancement Services

The advancement services departments report under Christy Devocelle, senior vice president for financial and administrative operations/chief financial officer. Under the direction of Tyler Fitch, vice president for advancement services, these departments collectively manage information from data entry through to reports, communication lists, prospect lists, analytics, and other outputs. They identify potential donors and work with gift officers to achieve portfolio optimization.

Read below for a brief description of the services provided by these Advancement Services departments.

Advancement Information Management and Support (AIMS)

AIMS serves as the gateway to UIF information systems via the User Experience help desk, managing access to TED, UIF online and other systems. User Experience also provides support for TED, Hyland OnBase, and all other externally facing systems that UIF maintains. Additionally, AIMS provides constituent data load support to augment TED data and provide quality control.

AIMS can be reached at 217.300.3907 or

Advancement Intelligence (AI)

This department assists advancement users with their reporting and mass communication needs. The AI team provides analytic and reporting solutions, as well as segmentation for marketing campaigns across the University, ad-hoc reports, and dashboards to support fundraising programs.

Advancement Intelligence can be reached at 217.300.3907 or or via their service site.

Research and Portfolio Management (RPM)

Research and Portfolio Management identifies potential donors with both the greatest capacity and the propensity to give, identifying prospect interests and aligning those prospects with the relevant unit gift officers’ portfolios, through market and information research. 

The department works with gift officers to try to achieve portfolio optimization. In addition, RPM prepares briefings, conducts wealth screening and wealth updates, does corporate and foundation research, and adds information to TED to augment major gift prospect records.

Research and Portfolio Management can be reached at 217.300.7555 or

Office of Advancement Technology Services (OATS)

The Office of Advancement Technology Services reports to Christy Devocelle, senior vice president for financial and administrative operations/chief financial officer. Under the direction of Mike Davis, chief technology officer, OATS is responsible for all aspects of the Foundation’s information technology environment and systems, including technology infrastructure, enterprise application development and analysis, information technology strategic planning, and project management. 

The most visible university facing applications supported include Blackbaud CRM (TED), Hyland OnBase, Cvent, UIF Online, Fund Database, and the online payment page utilized by all three universities, the Alumni Alliance, and the University of Illinois Foundation.

Read below for a brief description of the services provided by these OATS departments.

Contact OATS here.

Advancement Technology Programs and Governance

This team works with functional users throughout the Foundation and the universities to identify and prioritize enhancements to TED and other systems, as well as managing internal UIF IT projects. The team is also responsible for tracking and leading those prioritized efforts to completion.

Enterprise Applications and Architecture

Enterprise applications and architecture houses the application development team, which enhances the TED application and other UIF internal and user-facing systems. The business applications team translates the needs of business users into viable technical solutions using available systems or recommending the creation of additional systems.

Security and Operations

The security and operations team is responsible for the technology infrastructure, records management, network and system administration, and cybersecurity for the Foundation. They maintain a number of applications including the Foundation ticketing system (FootPrints) and the Electronic Document Management System (OnBase). 

In addition to application administration, they also are responsible for database management, which includes support for TED and the data warehouse environment. Additional internal responsibilities within UIF include desktop support, documentation services, and IT account management.

Development Programs

Under the direction of Ed Ewald, Executive Vice President, the Development Programs office provides UI System-wide major gift fundraising, strategy, and support; works closely with UIF Gift Planning & Principal Gifts; collaborates with advancement staff on the three universities regarding prospect/donor fundraising activity; and assists with fundraising for UI System programs, i.e. Institute of Government & Public Affairs and University of Illinois Press. 

The Development Programs team is located on the second floor of Harker Hall. For further information, please contact:
Arleen Krabbe,

Financial Operations

Under the direction of Michelle Bolger, vice president for financial operations, most processes relating to gifts and UIF finances are managed by the departments listed below. Financial operations reports to Christy Devocelle, senior vice president for financial and administrative operations/CFO. 


The primary function of the UIF accounting department is to recognize, record, and report information of a financial nature. 

The department’s responsibilities include: maintaining the General Ledger; producing quarterly financial statements; coordinating with the independent accounting firm the annual audit; participating in various university (internal) audits; maintaining and administering the UIF annual operating budget; processing monthly UIF payroll and disbursements for UIF employee travel and other purposes; recording and reconciling investment transactions; administering the UIF endowment pool; and recording non-gift transactions.

The accounting team can be reached at 217.333.8675 or

Cash Desk

When donors make gifts via cash, credit card, stock, or other method, the receipt and the disposition of their money begins at the Cash Desk. 

The Cash Desk receives liquid assets and prepares them for Gift Processing to record in the Tracking and Engagement Database (TED), as well as for deposit into appropriate accounts.

The Cash Desk is located on the 4th Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.244.2706 or

Gift Administration

Gift Administration provides a broad array of services and serves as a “help desk” for inquiries from donors, University and Foundation officers, and staff in regard to gifts, pledges, and gift funds. 

In addition to recording and managing pledges of $1,000 or more, the unit ensures timely mailing of gift and tax receipts and coordinates production and mailing of annual endowment statements to donors and other interested parties. It manages creation of all new gift funds and maintains the UIF Fund Database, which enables gift fund monitoring to ensure that donor intent is honored. And it supports donors and University units regarding gift acceptance, unique gift agreements or arrangements, and interpreting donor intent.

Gift Administration is located on the 4th Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.333.0675 or

New fund requests should be emailed to

Gift Processing

Once gifts or other commitments have been received they are passed to the Gift Processing department for recording in TED and the UIF document imaging system. 

Gift Processing handles approximately 140,000 transactions each year and prepares the daily flow of transactions from TED to the UIF General Ledger.

Gift Processing is located on the 4th Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.244.7204 or

Credit card signup inquiries should be sent to

Treasury Services and Real Property

Real estate and other tangible gifts-in-kind are managed in the Treasury Services and Real Property unit. This department is responsible for valuation, receipt, and maintenance or sale of such assets, as well as the subsequent hand-off to the Cash Desk and Gift Processing teams. 

In addition, the department coordinates management of all Foundation space, including Harker Hall in Urbana, 507 E. Green Street in Champaign, and at various locations in Chicago.


Principal Gifts, Gift Planning & Trust Services

The Principal Gifts and Gift Planning and Trust Services departments report under Shari Fox, senior vice president for principal gifts, gift planning & trust services.

Gift Planning and Trust Services

Under the direction of Meg Cline, vice president of gift planning and trust services, this office assists prospects and donors (and their advisers) with the structuring and management of charitable gift plans in support of the university, with a focus on financial, tax, and estate planning considerations. 

Working collaboratively with campus development staff and donors, Gift Planning drafts and finalizes gift, pledge, and endowment fund agreements that govern the uses of donors’ gifts in support of the university. Trust Services administers all deferred gifts including bequest commitments, life income accounts, and estate distributions.

Gift Planning and Trust Services is located on the 2nd Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.244.0473.

For more information on governing documents email

For general inquiries email

Principal Gifts

This department consults on management, staffing, and strategy for prospects rated $5 million or greater, providing strategic direction and coordination of the principal gifts program, incorporating all three universities. 

Principal Gifts is an increasing focus of the UI Development Program: typically, well over 90% of total dollars raised come from roughly 2% of the donor base. 

In addition, the department provides strategic guidance and coordination for the University President's development activities (such as donor meetings and events) and serves as the liaison between the U of I Development Program, as well as UIF, and the University President’s Office.

The Principal Gifts team is located on the 2nd Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.333.5123 or

Board and Donor Relations

The Board and Donor Relations department reports to Jacque Schweighart, Vice President for Board & Donor Relations and Secretary to the UI Foundation Board of Directors. The group has oversight of Foundation board relations, donor relations, events and community relations. 

Board Relations

The Foundation’s Articles of Incorporation state that the University of Illinois Foundation is a membership corporation. Foundation members make up the voting body of the corporation and are committed to serve as vocal and active advocates for the philanthropic mission of the UI. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the members and headed by a chair elected by the Board. 

The board relations office supports effective corporate governance of the UI Foundation and manages the work of the Board of Directors, its leadership and committees. 

Community Relations

Community relations is a relatively new function in the Foundation that fosters and facilitates relationships among Foundation leadership and staff with community and business leaders in the central Illinois region.

Donor Relations

Donor relations focuses on holistically ensuring that University of Illinois donors have a high-quality giving experience through UIF-sponsored and other organized opportunities for high-end donor experiences, such as athletic events, performances and programs.  The department also administers The Presidents Council, the University of Illinois’ premier donor recognition program, which recognizes donors who have made lifetime commitments of $50,000 or more. As an extension of board relations, this office prepares UIF Board Tributes and personalized recognition of departed major donors that become a permanent part of the UI Foundation records.


Events serves as the professional, in-house event and meeting planning team, supporting event strategy, planning, programming and execution. The department administers Cvent, the University of Illinois’ advancement events management software and is the point-of-contact for events contracting, as well as System-wide and Foundation events planning, most notably the UIF Annual Meeting, an annual celebration of philanthropic impact across the University of Illinois System.

The Board and Donor Relations team is located on the 3rd Floor of Harker Hall. They can be reached at 217.333.1738 or

Marketing & Communications | Campaigns | Engagement

The following departments report to Rick Darnell, senior vice president for campaigns, engagement, and marketing and communications. The office coordinates strategies, activities and communications for the three active UI campaigns – With Illinois for Urbana-Champaign, IGNITE for Chicago, and Reaching Stellar for Springfield, all under the rubric of Altogether Extraordinary. Together these departments work to amplify the university’s story across multiple channels and in ways relevant to clearly defined audiences, all in support of enhancing philanthropic engagement.


The engagement department is essential for coordinating communication with constituents, expanding/growing the UI donor base and retaining donors to cultivate for leadership annual giving and major/principal gifts. The department manages engagement centers in Champaign and Chicago, where over 100 student representatives reach out to constituents on behalf of all three universities. In addition, the department works closely with central engagement and annual giving offices at each University and with units throughout to schedule approximately 4,000 solicitation and communication marketing efforts each year.

Marketing and Communications

The marketing and communications department (MARCOM) develops strategic marketing plans and prepares publications, presentations, and promotional materials used throughout all areas of the Foundation. 

The scope of their work includes:

  • Developing and producing communication materials for the Foundation as a whole, including print materials, the UIF website, multi-media, stationery, email skins, invitations for special events, and collateral for campaigns and other strategic initiatives
  • Establishing and maintaining graphic and identity standards
  • Researching and drafting speeches and remarks for various stakeholders
  • Working with external consultants to identify the best marketing approaches for special initiatives
  • Managing inventory and distributing branded materials across all branches of the Foundation
  • Managing media relations and assisting with crisis and/or special issue communication

MARCOM is located on the 3rd Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.333.0246 or

Additional Foundation Departments

General Counsel

The General Counsel’s office provides advice and counsel for matters related to real estate, gifts and bequests, investments, bond issuances, governance, procurement, and other business transactions. Wes Curtis is also the liaison to the Office of University Ethics & Compliance.

Human Resources

Reporting to the senior director of human resources, the UIF human resources department works with Foundation leadership in developing strategies to attract, recruit and retain the best staff. Human Resources is in charge of recruitment, job postings, candidate selection processes, supporting the evaluation of UIF staff, as well as payroll and benefits administration. 

Regularly scheduled manager training and communication is facilitated by human resources. They also handle coordination of staff relations activities and programs.

UIF Human Resources is located on the 1st Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at 217.244.0471 or

Investment Office

The UIF Investment Office investment team is responsible for managing the UIF endowment, including asset allocation decisions, portfolio management, and best practices. The office provides guidance for the Foundation and its Board on investment-related matters, and monitors capital markets and economic forecasts as they relate to the global economic situation. The UI Foundation manages many endowment funds that collectively produce earnings used to support designated University programs, faculty, and students in perpetuity across our three universities in Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield.

More information about investments and the endowment performance is available on their website located here.

The Investment Office is located in Chicago at 1253 S Halstead. They can be reached at 217.300.2483 or

Learning and Development

Reporting to the Senior Director of Human Resources, the Learning and Development department provides the Advancement Community learning opportunities through iLearn Advancement, the Foundation’s learning management system.

Course offerings include self-paced online courses and printable resources.  Instructor led courses offered at regular intervals give learners the opportunity to interact with UIF staff and others from the Advancement Community. Role based curricula is assigned to new advancement staff so they can begin the onboarding process right away.

The Learning and Development team works with subject matter experts to develop courses and curricula to create the best learning experience.

Learning and Development are housed on the 1st Floor of Harker Hall and can be reached at

Strategic Innovation

Manages the advancement accelerator and helps to infuse a culture of innovation into the University of Illinois Advancement Program. The SI team coordinates early investigation of growth market potential and assists in identifying opportunities for disruption to the higher education advancement and philanthropy industries and the UI advancement program.

Strategic Innovation can be reached at 217.300.6085 or

Strategic Planning & Special Initiatives

In conjunction with the universities in the University of Illinois System and key UIF stakeholders, this department develops strategic planning efforts to drive organizational management and performance evaluation, support campaign planning and management efforts, and manage a portfolio of special projects responsive to organizational needs in the general areas of campaign communications, information management, system-wide planning, surveys and benchmarking.

Strategic Planning & Special Initiatives can be reached at 217.265.9179 or

Office of Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement (OVCIA) and the Office of Vice Chancellor for Advancement (OVCA)

The vice chancellor for institutional advancement (Urbana) and vice chancellors for advancement (Chicago and Springfield) work in partnership with the University of Illinois Foundation to manage all aspects of the fundraising operations on the. The vice chancellors teams encourage and administer private gifts to support the universities. 

For contact information please visit the directories found here.

University of Illinois Foundation UK Limited

The University of Illinois Foundation UK Limited

The University of Illinois UK Limited was established by the University of Illinois Foundation in 2016 to allow University of Illinois alumni and friends living in the UK and Europe to support education efficiently and to maximize the value of their charitable support through UK tax incentives. 

  • 727,000 alumni worldwide 
  • 9,100 friends of the University throughout Europe and the UK
  • Including more than 4,200 University of Illinois Alumni

For more information about the UK office email

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