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This COVID-19 page serves as a resource for the Illinois advancement community. Here you’ll find weekly communications from Jim Moore, an archive of MASSMAIL sent from the University of Illinois System and each of the three universities, links to outside resources, and logistical information on working remotely. This page will be updated frequently as new information becomes available so please check back regularly.

Operations & Logistics

University of Illinois Foundation, Return to Office Information

University of Illinois Foundation, Accounts Payable 

  • Accounts Payable
    • Checks and ACH: Checks and ACH have resumed weekly processing every Wednesday.
      • Please remember, any vouchers for payment must be received (with proper approval) within 24 hours in advance of the check run to be included in that week’s batch. Please continue to electronically forward any vouchers that need to be paid to Ann Welch and Kelly Bennett. 
      • Just a reminder, if you are approving vouchers or sending in something to be paid, just simply document your approval in the email with the attachments or use a digital signature if you have one; you don’t need to print, sign and rescan a voucher with your “wet” signature.
    • If you have any immediate needs or any questions, please contact Kelly Bennett. Any reimbursements or vouchers can be submitted electronically, with email approvals, to Kelly Bennett and Ann Welch.

University of Illinois Foundation, Building Information

  • The University of Illinois Foundation buildings are locked. The Foundation’s hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. If you need immediate assistance, please call (217) 333-0810. If you need access to the building please notify Tim Aden or Christy Devocelle.
  • Campus mail is doing daily pickup and delivery, Monday through Friday The bins are just inside the North door of Harker Hall. USPS is being manually picked up a couple of times a week. HR is sorting the mail during the week as needed.
  • All Foundation offices are currently conducting business remotely, please encourage your donors who wish to make a gift to go to our secure online giving page or send the gift by mail to our lockbox in Chicago: University of Illinois FoundationP.O. Box 734500Chicago, IL 60673-4500. Local donors or staff may also leave gifts in the south door drop box (under the Quad side stairs) to be picked up weekly.

University of Illinois Foundation, Events

Event Cancellations

If a unit is anticipating cancelling an event, please consider these options when working with attendees before just automatically refunding all payments:

Has the donor requested a refund? If no, we recommend reaching out to the attendees and provide options:

  • Option 1: Ask if the attendees would be willing to let us keep all as a donation (if it was previously non-gift, we will adjust and send a tax receipt)
  • Option 2: Refund the non-gift portion only (if there was any)
  • Option 3: Keep as is and use for the event when rescheduled.
  • Option 4: A full refund of a registration fee that includes a gift/non gift split can only be made if a unit has directly communicated with the donor and the refund is at their request. Please keep in mind the return of funds will be in the same form as the original gift—check or credit card—and checks may be delayed for a couple weeks.

Events Rescheduled in a Virtual Format due to COVID-19

If a previously planned in person event has been rescheduled and the format has changed to a virtual program please contact Gift Administration prior to reformatting the event and consider the following:

  • If registrations and sponsorships were retained from a previously postponed event and are to be applied to a rescheduled virtual event, there will need to be adjustments made to the gift/non-gift breakdown after a reexamination of any benefits advertised initially.
  • If a registrant would like a refund based on the change in format, please follow the process outlined in Option 4 under the Event Cancellations section above.
  • If a registration fee is required and no goods and services beyond access to the virtual event are provided, the registration fee is tax-deductible.
  • If any tangible benefits are provided in exchange for the registration fee (e.g. any items mailed prior to the event), the full market value of those benefits must be deducted from the registration fee and reported as “non-gift."

If there is a donor who wishes to receive a refund from a prior event, please contact UIF Gift Administration at

University of Illinois Foundation, Gift Processing

  • Gift Receipt Printing and Mailing:
    • Receipts are printed and mailed almost daily, with few exceptions. 
      • Manual gift deposits will still be weekly on Thursdays for any checks received in the local mail or Harker Hall South door drop box; the Chicago JP Morgan lockbox continues to receive and process deposits daily.
  • For questions, please contact
  • Gift Deposits: If possible, please direct all gifts and gift documents in hand, from your units or from donors to the UIF Lockbox at: University of Illinois Foundation, P.O. Box 734500, Chicago, IL 60673-4500. Please include one check with each transmittal to insure proper handling. If items are being sent to the lockbox via FedEx or UPS, the correct mailing address is JPMorgan Chase, Attn: University of Illinois Foundation Lbx 734500, 131 S Dearborn, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL 60603. If the donor is required to include a phone number for the delivery, please direct them to use (312) 732-5365. For questions, please contact the
    • If you have cash to be delivered, please contact the Cash Desk at
    • Cash desk deposits: Weekly on Thursdays for any checks received in the local mail.

University of Illinois Foundation, Pledge Reminders & Confirmations

  • Pledge reminders and confirmations are being mailed on their normal regular schedule - reminders monthly, confirmations weekly. The process remains the same, although language was added to the letter to be more COVID sensitive. Any inquiries, questions or concerns the Gift Admin team receives from a donor, including any requests for a modified or deferred payment schedule, will be shared with the relationship manager and/or unit.
  • Annual receipts were generated January 25 and mailed the next day.
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